Medical Applications

Cryogen has become a well-known term in the medical industry, especially for preservation and storage of materials under extreme temperatures including Cryogenic cell culture and storage. In this process, also known as cryobiological preservation, cell culture and biomaterials are preserved for research, pharmaceuticals, laboratories, and universities for various applications.

Cryopreservation, also known as cryoconservation, is a process where cells, tissues, or other substances susceptible to damage caused by chemical reactivity or time, are preserved by cooling under extreme temperatures. At these very low temperatures, any activity that might cause damage to the material is stopped. This has made cryogen a suitable solution to the preservation of biological materials such as embryos, stem cells, and semen, being a very popular in the fields of sperm donation and fertility treatments.

While cryogen is commonly used in the medical field, especially in reproductive services, in popular culture one of the most well known treatments is cryonics, or the low-temperature preservation of animals and humans who cannot be sustained by contemporary medicine. While cryonics still in its experimental stages, the ideology behind this treatment is preservation, with the belief that the body can be healed and restored in the future thanks to medical and technological advancement.

Cryogen is Also Prevalent in the Following Medical Areas:

  • - MRI equipment
  • - Blood bank storage
  • - Freezing stem/umbilical cord cells
  • - Cryotherapy
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